Artist and Author Jane Karchmar
Jane Karchmar

Jane has been looking after her own salvation with diligence for about sixty years, and her Path still stretches on. While on the Path, she has meditated, practised yoga, practised martial arts, studied just about everything, chanted, painted, and earned a living. She is the author of two books for the Spirit, The Lotus Path and The Tale of Amaru, which are both available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.


by L.M. Blanchard ( Author of The Golden Link to Oneness and Sadhana: 21 Days to Inner-Spaciousness

The Lotus Path is a “spiritual anthology” that reflects various aspects of the journey we take through the human condition in which we are all bound. Contemplating the artwork and reading the passages is an invitation to examine your own human predicament that precedes spiritual and personal growth. In her book, Jane manages to bring the reader in as a companion, together exploring various life experiences, with the comfort of knowing you are not alone on your path. More than just a collection of anecdotes and paintings, The Lotus Path becomes a personal introspective “process” that gently nudges you forward in quiet contemplation. Jane’s artwork, rich in symbolism and archetypes, has the ability to highlight your own personal life journey and breakthroughs, leaving you in a peaceful state and in full awareness of your ability to rise above the muck like a lotus flower reaching above the waters’ surface to bloom in full light.

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